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About Gems Campus

It is an institute where we believe in only skills, as its an era where no longer needs to go to school and sit in a classroom for years to learn a trade that might gain employment. We have practical ways of becoming an expert in any skills. We also derived some higher paying skills from our 10 years of experience. Now our mission is to convey all this knowledge to our youth so that they can start earning in dollars while sitting at home.


Meet the Residants

Muhammad Abubaker


Arslan Tariq

Marketing Manager

Usman Ali

Operations Manager
“During my Journey i Realize that IT can’t be boring but the way you are learning it can be wrong. That’s why i design very special 100% practical based material that can make you a skilled person.”
Abu Baker
computer courses
online earning
learn and earn



"After some very bad experiences here on Freelancer, working with Xtreme Web Tech was a totally new experience! They instantly understood what I was looking for, delivered in time and at the end I got exactly what I was asking for! I all aspects a very professional company, which I will hire again for future projects! Thanks Xtreme Web Tech Team!"
Marco H
“Muhammad and his team did a great job on our website. Our business changed strategy mid-project, which required a reboot of project scope. Muhammad was kind enough to help us through this transition and built out a nice website. He also offered 60 days of free support after project completion to ensure we don't run into any technical issues after we launched.“
Brenden S
United States


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4th Floor Mehar Khan Plaza, Talagang Rd, Chakwal

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