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How to turn off location history in Google Maps


How to turn off location history in Google MapsSometimes it feels a little creepy to open Google Maps and see a detailed list of the last few places I’ve been. I really wouldn’t want that information to fall into the wrong hands. 

Google gets it, which is why the company introduced a simplified way to turn off location history from within Google Maps Timeline. The feature is now live for Android users and Google says it plans to eventually bring it to iOS users as well.

Less tapping? Yes, please.
Less tapping? Yes, please.

Image: Screenshot: google

Google’s new “Location History” feature will show up as a simple toggle right on your Timeline interface. It’s a super convenient change, since you can now easily disable history without going anywhere else in the app. Previously, erasing your location history took several extra, unintuitive steps within the Maps app.  Read more…

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