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Apple’s new, colorful iMacs are personality tests for your soul


Apple's new, colorful iMacs are personality tests for your soulChoosing a color for your new 24-inch iMac is no simple task. It requires a lot of thought and self reflection — these things need to match your home, your iPhone, your outfits, and your soul. 

If you’re feeling lost as to which one is more your forever mood (and how could you not with seven bold colors?), allow us to help. We’ve put together a short guide to all the different personality types that match each iMac color. Now, you can feel a lot better about your place in society and dropping over $1,300 on one of Apple’s vibrant machines. 

Yellow iMac

You’re the type who wakes up and manages to check off going for a one-mile run, folding laundry, and clearing your inbox to zero all before sunrise. You think being a “morning person” is something to brag about and you definitely mention it in your Bumble bio. On weekends, you enjoy finding inspirational quotes on Pinterest boards like “Dream Big, Work Hard” to print out using your label maker. (Yes, there are labels in your cupboards.) Read more…

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