Even if I go back to the gym, I’m bringing the Aaptiv app with me


Even if I go back to the gym, I'm bringing the Aaptiv app with meI miss the gym. Before the pandemic, I would go after work on most days, and it was where I I did more than exercise. It was where I showered and blow-dried my hair, chatted with gym friends, and kept my workout clothes in a locker. 

Now I shower at home (and there’s no sauna in my bathroom last I checked), my running shoes are somehow always in the way, and I’ve lost touch with my gym buddies. Oh, and my living room is now my workout space. 

But my Aaptiv app has made my shuttered gym easier to handle. 

What is Aaptiv?

Aaptiv, like its name suggests, is an app that contains thousands of audio workouts. Each session has a trainer talking you through the moves whether that’s outdoor running, strength training, yoga, stretching, barre, meditation, cycling, and even sleep sessions.  Read more…

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