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We tested the hottest new trend in sex toys: Warm-up vibrators


We tested the hottest new trend in sex toys: Warm-up vibratorsJust when pandemic-induced skin hunger seemed to be reaching a boiling point, the sextech industry has swept in with a new innovation to try to help us get through it: sex toys that warm up.

Now, warming up your sex toys isn’t an entirely new idea, per se. Temperature play is actually one of the main attractions of metal and glass toys, which you can dunk into warm water or even pop into the fridge to experiment with wild new sensorial experiences.

On the whole, though, temperature play has excluded most silicone-based pleasure devices with motors like vibrators (as opposed to just analog dildos made of more temperature-conducive materials). But 2021 saw the release of not only Lora DiCarlo’s collection of three new warm-up silicone vibrators, but also CalExotics’ Heated Ultra Soft Rabbit Vibe, and a host of others. Read more…

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