Small businesses had a brutal pandemic. Amazon’s earnings more than tripled.


Small businesses had a brutal pandemic. Amazon's earnings more than tripled.The pandemic hit the bodies, hearts, and pocketbooks of most Americans hard. But Amazon did just fine.

Amazon released its earnings report on Thursday for the first quarter of 2021. It gives us a clear picture of how Amazon fared during the pandemic.

So how are Amazon’s coffers looking? They are, frankly, overflowing. In January through March in 2021, it reported net income of $8.1 billion. That brings its total pandemic earnings to $26.9 billion. As MarketWatch points out, that’s three times as much money as Amazon made in the previous three years combined.

It also tripled its earnings from the first quarter of 2020, when it reported net income of $2.5 billion Read more…

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Facebook says it removed the internet’s 12 most prominent anti-vaxxers. 10 are still on the social network.


Facebook says it removed the internet's 12 most prominent anti-vaxxers. 10 are still on the social network.One month ago, a report came out detailing how the majority of the anti-vaccination disinformation spreading online originated from just 12 individuals.

During a hearing at the time, CEOs of the Big Tech companies vowed to take on the falsehoods running rampant on their platforms and threatening public health.

Fast forward to today. While the Big Tech CEOs didn’t show up for Tuesday’s Congressional hearing, the companies did send representatives. And, when asked about these 12 anti-vaxxers, known as the Disinformation Dozen, a Facebook executive said that the social network took action on what was included in the report. Read more…

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Even if I go back to the gym, I’m bringing the Aaptiv app with me


Even if I go back to the gym, I'm bringing the Aaptiv app with meI miss the gym. Before the pandemic, I would go after work on most days, and it was where I I did more than exercise. It was where I showered and blow-dried my hair, chatted with gym friends, and kept my workout clothes in a locker. 

Now I shower at home (and there’s no sauna in my bathroom last I checked), my running shoes are somehow always in the way, and I’ve lost touch with my gym buddies. Oh, and my living room is now my workout space. 

But my Aaptiv app has made my shuttered gym easier to handle. 

What is Aaptiv?

Aaptiv, like its name suggests, is an app that contains thousands of audio workouts. Each session has a trainer talking you through the moves whether that’s outdoor running, strength training, yoga, stretching, barre, meditation, cycling, and even sleep sessions.  Read more…

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All the new Emoji you’ll find in iOS 14.5


All the new Emoji you'll find in iOS 14.5Sure, iOS 14.5 comes with a ton of new and useful features including the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch, more Siri customization, App Tracking Transparency, and more. But we all know the most exciting feature is the assortment of new Emoji. 

Here are all the new options you’ll have to choose from in your Emoji library with Apple’s latest update.

1. Face Exhaling

I'd say this is a very versatile Emoji.
I’d say this is a very versatile Emoji.

Image: screenshot / apple

For those breathing a sigh of relief or for the smokers out there — I don’t judge.

2. Face with Spiral Eyes

All the new Emoji you'll find in iOS 14.5
Read more…

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Three simple ways to connect an iPhone to a TV


Three simple ways to connect an iPhone to a TVIf you’re reading this, you must be familiar with one of the classic dilemmas of the modern age: You’re looking at something on your iPhone and you desperately wish it was on your TV across the room instead.

After all, why look at a small screen when a big one is right there? That YouTube video, TikTok, or vacation photo might really shine on your living room set, with the obvious benefit of making it easier to share that stuff with your pals during a hangout sesh. We have good news: There are multiple very easy ways to make this happen, though one of them will cost money.

So without further delay, here’s how to connect your iPhone to the TV: Read more…

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We tested the hottest new trend in sex toys: Warm-up vibrators


We tested the hottest new trend in sex toys: Warm-up vibratorsJust when pandemic-induced skin hunger seemed to be reaching a boiling point, the sextech industry has swept in with a new innovation to try to help us get through it: sex toys that warm up.

Now, warming up your sex toys isn’t an entirely new idea, per se. Temperature play is actually one of the main attractions of metal and glass toys, which you can dunk into warm water or even pop into the fridge to experiment with wild new sensorial experiences.

On the whole, though, temperature play has excluded most silicone-based pleasure devices with motors like vibrators (as opposed to just analog dildos made of more temperature-conducive materials). But 2021 saw the release of not only Lora DiCarlo’s collection of three new warm-up silicone vibrators, but also CalExotics’ Heated Ultra Soft Rabbit Vibe, and a host of others. Read more…

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Apple’s new paid podcast subscription service is missing one crucial thing


Apple's new paid podcast subscription service is missing one crucial thingPaid podcasts are coming to Apple. However, the new subscription service is missing something crucial. 

At Apple’s big 420 event this week, the biggest player in the podcast distribution space announced that creators will be able to sell subscriptions to their shows right on Apple Podcasts as early as next month. As interesting as Apple’s platform looks (and we’ll get to that in a second), there’s a major component it’s lacking: The company will not be providing podcast creators with their subscribers’ details. 

That means no names, no emails, no way to reach out to subscribers outside of the podcast content. Creators won’t know who is paying to listen to their show — even though Apple will. Read more…

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