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Google’s new Nest Hub tracks your sleep and it feels very judgy


Google's new Nest Hub tracks your sleep and it feels very judgyI’ve always had a difficult relationship with sleep. It’s something my parents quickly came to terms with when I was a toddler: Instead of drifting off into dreamland, I’d climb out of my crib in the middle of the night ready to party like it was my birthday. And at 27 years old, I’m still a night owl. (I consider going to bed at midnight to be “early.”) 

So when I found out I’d be reviewing Google’s latest Nest Hub smart display with its sleep-tracking “super power,” I panicked. Now Google and the internet would know all about my terrible sleep habits. Read more…

Google Nest Hub (2nd-generation)
The Good

Affordable • Compact design • Sleep Sense is easy to use

The Bad

Sleep tracking can sometimes be inaccurate • Sleep Sense won’t be free for long • Display lags a bit

The Bottom Line

The Google Nest Hub is a great and affordable smart display, but its sleep tracking feature might not be for everyone.

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