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This ‘smart mask’ is like a fitness tracker for your environment and lungs


This 'smart mask' is like a fitness tracker for your environment and lungsWe track our steps, our heartbeats, our sleep. Now, the mask company AirPop has unveiled a product and companion app that tracks our breath, our air quality, and our mask filter’s effectiveness.

Do we really need more metrics to count?

AirPop’s founder Chris Hosmer says, actually, ya we do. 

“It’s an additional dimension to understanding what is healthy,” Hosmer said. “Breathing is actually a really vital part of not only physical health, but our psychological or emotional health, too.”

AirPop makes masks fit for both everyday wear and exercise. They’re made from athletic gear materials, have enough structure to enable easier breathing, and use replaceable filters. Its most recent product, the $149.99 Active+, adds a sensor it calls the Halo to the mask, which monitors breath, air quality, and filter efficacy, and sends that data back to a companion app. It’ll be available for purchase online some time in January 2021 and at select retailers early this year.  Read more…

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