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HP’s ‘free ink for life’ plan is over because home printers are a scam


HP's 'free ink for life' plan is over because home printers are a scamIt turns out HP’s “free ink for life” plan wasn’t actually “for life.”

HP recently informed Instant Ink plan customers that after just three years, it was ending its “free ink for life” deal, according to Consumer Reports. It becomes not-so-free as of Friday.

What was this deal? The company remotely monitored printer buyers’ ink usage (creepy!), and sent a “free” cartridge when they were running low…with some caveats.

Printing (and ink) was not unlimited. Users were allowed to print 15 pages per month. Subscribers also had to have a credit card on file with HP. If you went over 15 pages, HP would charge you a dollar for 10 additional pages.  Read more…

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