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Check out Vivo’s wild color-changing phone in new video


Check out Vivo's wild color-changing phone in new videoNow that smartphones are mostly slabs of glass on the front and uniform surfaces on the back, what do you do to stand out from the pack? If you’re Vivo, you make a phone with a color-changing glass on the back. 

The company showed off the new technology in a video posted on Weibo (noticed by Android Authority, and uploaded on YouTube by The Verge). It’s using electrochromic glass, which can change color from bluish to purplish to silverish — presumably, other colors can be done as well. 

Electrochromic glass isn’t new, it just hasn’t been used on smartphones yet. Typically, you’ll see it in hotels and offices, where it can switch from clear to opaque in a matter of seconds. It’s glass covered by special coatings which change color depending on the amount of voltage applied to the glass.  Read more…

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