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Amazon’s Halo tracks your body fat and how happy you sound


Amazon's Halo tracks your body fat and how happy you soundAmazon knows your shopping secrets. Now it wants to collect data on your body fat and emotional state. 

The company announced the launch of a new fitness band and companion app Thursday that it’s calling Amazon Halo. Like competitors Apple Watch and Google-owned FitBit, it measures things like activity, sleep, and other health metrics. But it goes much further. 

Amazon says that it can measure your body fat percentage just through photos. Using the full-body selfies you submit to the app, it can create a “3D body model” that it recommends re-doing every two weeks. That measurement will also tell you how your body fat compares to other people of your sex and age according to “medical literature.” You can use a slider to “visualize” what you would look like with more or less body fat. Read more…

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