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Some U.S. Huawei users won’t be able to update their phones anymore


Some U.S. Huawei users won't be able to update their phones anymoreHuawei’s temporary license from the U.S. Department of Commerce just expired, making it harder for U.S. users to update some of the Chinese tech company’s phones.

In 2019, President Trump put Huawei and other Chinese companies on the “Entity List,” effectively banning those company from doing business with the U.S. (so for Huawei that was basically Google, whose Android operating system is used by most non-iPhone handsets). But the Department of Commerce has been giving temporary licensing exceptions since then to keep Huawei networks and user systems running smoothly. 

Now, the latest 90-day extension expired on Aug. 13 and it hasn’t been renewed. Read more…

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