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‘How do I get rid of that annoying echo on my Zoom calls?’ and more WFH help


'How do I get rid of that annoying echo on my Zoom calls?' and more WFH helpHaving problems with Zoom? Does your home office need an ergonomic glow up? Welcome to Is It Plugged In?, Mashable’s work-from-home tech advice column. Email your WFH tech questions to We’re here for you. 

The problem: “I’m trying to teach my watercolor classes on Zoom. I use my iPad (version 10.3.3 FWIW) so my students can see my face and I can see most of theirs, and my Google Pixel 3a phone on a tripod over my paper, so students can see what I’m painting/demonstrating.


1.  Feedback. I moved the devices farther apart and that’s helped a lot, BUT…

2.  Echo. How can I eliminate the slight echo I get? It’s not horrible, but still annoying to my students. Is it because I’m using two devices? Read more…

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