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Apple’s privacy-focused ‘nutrition labels’ for apps are only a start


Apple's privacy-focused 'nutrition labels' for apps are only a startDo you trust companies like Facebook to accurately and completely tell you how, and to what extent, their apps monitor and track you both on your phone and across the entire internet? The question is not a rhetorical one, as Apple’s latest privacy push relies on the answer to that question being “yes.”

Most privacy policies are an unintelligible mess. This problem, thoroughly documented by the New York Times Privacy Project in 2019, is only compounded when people are forced to read the sprawling documents on their smartphones — squinting the entire time they scroll. Apple unveiled a new feature on Monday for the forthcoming iOS 14 intended to address this problem. The proposed solution is labels, similar to nutrition labels seen on the side of food packaging, that quickly and clearly tell users how an app uses their data.  Read more…

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