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Send a newsletter? This $100 list-building tool is just $12 right now.


Send a newsletter? This $100 list-building tool is just $12 right now.TL;DR: Get a year subscription to for $11.99, an 88% savings as of April 26.

While crafting the perfect email is an art form in itself, without the right audience, even a perfect email is pointless. You need to build a robust list of engaged users to market your product or service to the right people. And this powerful email extracting tool can help you out.

Eighty-one percent of small businesses rely on email as their primary marketing channel. Not Instagram. Not Facebook. Email. Why? Because it works, duh. But only if you have a solid customer list. And since most brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close indefinitely, email has become even more crucial for businesses trying to build and maintain their customer relationships.  Read more…

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