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Build a ‘Fortnite’-style game yourself with this $15 beginner’s course


Build a 'Fortnite'-style game yourself with this $15 beginner's courseTL;DR: Learn how to build a battle royale with Unity and Blender for just $14.99, a 92% savings as of April 20.

Last year alone, the larger-than-life battle royale video game Fortnite reeled in a colossal 3 billion dollars. It’s unsurprising, as its unique and addictive gaming style appeals to people from all walks of lifeFortnite isn’t the only one either. Games like PUBG and Call of Duty are endlessly popular, too. And our guess is they’re only going to bring in more money as everyone turns to gaming as a means of escaping social distancing boredom. In other words, it’s a good time to get a piece of that action.  Read more…

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